Oak Bistro plus Wine Bar was yunny

When my buddy and I moved to Royal Palm Beach, FL, the first thing I wanted to do is find things for my kids plus I to do, there were swimming pools at the apartment complex, plus plenty of swings plus slides.

They are only four plus five, plus I thought this would be enough entertainment during the tepid Summer nights plus cool winters.

There was one thing I still had to discover, then after taking care of the kids all day plus enjoying their having fun, I needed to find somewhere where dad plus I could get away plus relax, and sitting in the tepid sun while the kids played was strenuous work, however i was tired when I came into the house, plus in need of some fantastic air conditioner. I washed the kids up plus then put them down for a nap, however when my fiance came in, I told him I needed some time without kids! My friend and I had already found a babysitter that was only two doors down from us, plus she was a certified babysitter. I told my fiance the Oak Bistro plus Wine Bar was calling to me. It was less than six blocks from the house, although I wanted to drive. I didn’t want to walk in the heat plus humidity, however not only did my buddy and I care about the wine tasting, however they had delicious food. It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, however it was cool, my buddy and I didn’t have kids, plus I was able to relax. What more could you want however a small meal plus a lot of wine. I was ready to head back home plus go to bed.



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