My nana was nervous about my Vegas trip

My Grandma watches way too much TV, however in certain she likes seeing crime dramas, even though they startle her, and she has a crush on Jethro Gibbs, the main character of a TV show called NCIS, although she watched a lot of other shows as well, then a few weeks ago I was taking a weekend jaunt to Las Vegas to spend a few nights hanging around with my ancient university chums from the fraternity, but grandma got actually infuriated by this, because a single of the shows she watches is called CSI Las Vegas.

According to Grandma, as well as this show, there are a high number of brutal murders in Las Vegas every single week. I explained to her that the show wasn’t real, as well as Las Vegas doesn’t have nearly as much violent crime as is depicted on TV. In fact, that show isn’t even movieed in Las Vegas, they shoot most of it in CA. I did not tell Grandma that Las Vegas has legalized cannabis dispensaries, because that would just worry here even more. She is from that ancient generation that thinks cannabis is a gateway drug to smoking crack as well as doing lake lake house invasions. She was in a tizzy about the fictional murder rate of Las Vegas, although she would have had a panic attack if she knew I intended to smoking cannabis. After my Vegas trip was over I went back to see Grandma as well as let her suppose I didn’t get murdered. I even bought her a keychain as a souvenir. And she doesn’t suppose I bought it at a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary!


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