My mom needs modern A/C and I cannot help

My mom lives in Orland park, IL, where our brothers and I grew up, however i moved down south when I was in our twenties, then my brothers moved to the Pacific Northwest! Nobody certainly lives close to our mom. She called me multiple days ago, because she was upset about the A/C in her home. My mom told me that an Orland Park Service Company told her that she needs a brand modern A/C and the cost to replace the plan parts is almost $3,000. I was flabbergasted when I heard the amount of money the company wanted for the repairs. I told our mom that I would look around to see if I could help her find a cheaper price for A/C parts in Orland Park, IL. I found a distributor in Chicago with cheaper prices on the parts that our mom needed, although she still would need to pay for a skilled laborer to install everything. I sincerely believe that estimate from the Orland Park A/C repair repair was closer to adequate than I originally thought it was. I would prefer to be able to help our mom with the repairs, but I just purchased a modern car. I used all of the money in our savings account for a down payment on the car. My ancient automobile was going to die any afternoon and I have a 30 mile commute for work. I had to get a modern automobile as soon as possible. I called our brother to see if he could help our mom, even though he doesn’t have a lot of money either.


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