My mom made myself and others stay condo with our brother

My high university career ended several weeks ago on the last morning of May.

I was accepted to the University of Tampa, however I do not start 4 more than one more weeks. In the meantime, I have been enjoying lots of time with our friends, many of them are going to unusual universitys in unusual states and all of us won’t be able to see each other until Christmas. I planned to go with our friends to Clearwater Beach, however our mom stopped myself and others and made myself and others stay condo with our little brother, he wasn’t feeling unquestionably well that morning. His dust irritations were acting up and he had already suffered an asthma attack that Morning. My mom had to go to work that morning at the Heating and A/C corporation, even if our brother was sick! She had more than one repairs busy that morning and they could not be moved. My mom is 1 of the only female Heating and A/C companys in the county. My mom told myself and others that I had to stay condo with our brother, even if I wanted to go to Clearwater Beach that morning. I sincerely tried to protest, however our mom was extreme and I did not want her to be mad at me, but after all, I expected her to spend money for university, tuition, books, and all of our spending money. I actually couldn’t expect her to do nice things for myself and others if I wasn’t willing to help out when she really needed someone too, however occasionally it’s hard to be an adult, especially when you still want to hang on to your childhood for a few more weeks.

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