My mom is so friendly

I live up north plus our whole family is in the grape business, but my father sells his grapes for jams plus jellies.

My mother makes grape oriented skin care products.

My sibling makes wine with the grapes, and anytime I go on a trip that is in a wine area, I have to tour some wineries; I appreciate to see the weird grapes plus taste the wines. I recently went on a trip to California. I was in Santa Barbara of all locales. I am cheerful that I did a wine tour in that area instead of the tried plus tscheme Napa Valley wine tour in San Francisco. My wine tour absolutely had two guides that drove you around in a mercedes benz. You got to see weird wineries, vineyards plus barrel rooms; The tour was educational plus entertaining. I liked seeing all weird parts of the grape process. I took plenty of pictures plus tried a ton of things. There were plenty of possibilities to buy wine, grapes, jams plus jellies which I did. The end of the tour is an all organic lunch in one of the vineyards. It made for a nice little end to the tour. It was a long one, 9-5, but totally worth it. I easily appreciated the lunch plus thought that it could be a loving date excursion, sure it is a little large plus fancy for a first date, but a guy plus lady would easily appreciate it I think… Eating out in the grape fields was such a fun experience that I want to do it back cabin in the north. However, you don’t have access to legal weed to light up while you eat in the north though.


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