My grandparents loved my choices

I grew up in Denver, CO; All our family was there, including our Grandparents, who I enjoyed so much, however both of us lived just a few hours from their home, so I would go visit anytime! So, you can imagine our dismay last year when dad announced we had to move, dad’s job was going so well that his boss gave him a promotion, part of the promotion was moving from the south to the coast.

Dad and mom invited our Grandparents over for supper a single evening and made the announcement.

Both of us were all in shock and tried to wrap our brains around what was happening, and my Grandmother was not the least bit surprised by the shocking announcement, and it turns out she had been encouraging our dad to spread his wings and try to be all he could be, and the thought of us living in Denver was hard because it was the only lake beach house we knew. Still, we got enthusiastic once the shock wore off and began discussing where we would leave. Dad told us we’d get a beach house in the town and settle in soon. But first, there was some work he had to finish up in Denver, you could already see the excitement in our sisters as they planned to buy more bathing suits, however now the beach would be close by and not miles and miles away. They enjoyed CO, but the Winter months were strenuous with all that snow. Both of us all looked forward to summer, although the air conditioning made the beach house comfortable no matter the season. Now, we’d no longer need more heating to remain hot while I was in the cooler months; Come to guess of it, I did not have to shovel snow out of the driveway for mom anymore.

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