My friends plus I prefer fishing on the coast

My friend Jack got a new boat a couple of weeks ago; The guy has been talking about the boat every single afternoon, then we’ve been waiting for the weather to clear up so both of us can take it over to Puget sound, then puget Sound is a great place to go fishing plus it is close to our home in Seattle, WA, however my friends plus I prefer fishing a great deal.

We fish for salmon every year in a tournament up state.

We were waiting for a nice afternoon of weather so almost everyone could go to the sound together. We had more than four nights of rain in a row. When both of us finally had a afternoon with sun on the forecast, both of us packed up all of our fishing gear plus a cooler with food plus beer. We headed out to the water for the afternoon. We didn’t forget our recreational marijuana supplies either. We stopped at a Seattle marijuana dispensary to option up pre-rolled marijuana joints; I also bought a disposable marijuana vape pen. I didn’t know if the wind was going to be blowing out on the water plus I didn’t want to take any possibilities that both of us wouldn’t be able to light a joint. I did not want to go without any recreational marijuana if the wind was too heavy so buying the marijuana vape pen seemed adore a no-brainer method to me. The wind didn’t turn out to be bad on that afternoon, however I still puffed on the vape pen plus kept it in our pocket while both of us were fishing.

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