My friends and I work hard for our money

When I told my mom and dad that I wanted to move to the west coast to pursue a career in acting, they thought I was joking.

They laughed and made me feel like the idea was a pipe dream.

I still tried hard to make the dream a reality, even if no one believed in me except myself. I tried out for lots of plays and shows that were being made by Community Theaters close by. Eventually I met a person that lived on the west coast. The guy lived in San francisco. He said that he knew a talent agent and he was willing to get me a tryout for modeling in the San Francisco area. I believed the guy when he told me that I could be a star. The guy even paid for a ticket for me to go to the city. After we arrived in San Francisco, I realized that the man wanted more than to help me with my modeling career. I ended up having to find a job and that’s when I applied to work in a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. The pay was a few dollars higher than minimum wage and the marijuana dispensary job in San Francisco did not require any experience at all. It honestly sounded perfect to me. I lived in a hotel and I was homeless for a couple of months too but I got the job at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary and things started to look up. I met a guy who had a room for rent and he let me move in without a security deposit or any money up front, just because we worked together.
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