My friends and I missed the last bus back to the city

My mom did not think that I went with our friends to the city; I told her that we were hanging out at someone’s home however we entirely spent the day downtown.

I knew our mom would totally freak out if she knew that we left Glenview City Limits and headed south.

I did not guess she was ever going to find out until our friends and I missed the last bus lake home at the end of the day, and both of us took the bus from Glenview into the city. Both of us planned to take the last bus of the day back to Glenview. It was actually cold and we were hanging out inside of a cafe. Both of us lost track of time and realized that we were running late for the last bus. Both of us were running down the street as the bus was pulling away from the station. Both of us drew straws to see who was going to call our parents to tell them what happened, however my dad works at a heating and A/C service corporation in the city. I decided to call him. I thought maybe he would be the path of least resistance, because he does not live at lake home with our mom and I anymore. I was hoping our dad would do me a favor… He told me that he would leave work at the heating and A/C service corporation and come chance all of us up. Both of us waited downtown for nearly an hour until our dad was finished with the A/C repair. When he picked our friends and I up, he made everyone of us call our folks including our mom.

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