My friends and I enjoy recreational marijuana

My friends and I spend a lot of time outside. We enjoy fishing and kayaking. We usually spend the day on the river or we go to the sound. Living in Seattle is nice, because there are so many places that have water. It’s easy to access water for fishing and navigation. I bought a new bass boat a couple of weeks ago and my best friend and I took it out on the maiden voyage. We christened the fishing boat with a bottle of champagne and a blunt from the marijuana dispensary. Jack bought the blunt. It was a two gram infused pre-roll that tasted like it was rolled into a paper from a cigar. It was supposed to taste like blueberries and it did not disappoint either one of us. The flavor was exceptional and we were both pretty high. In fact, we had to hang out on the dock for a little bit until the buzz from the marijuana cigar went away. Jack told me that the budtender and the Seattle dispensary recommended the joint. Next time he will need to give that girl a huge tip. She definitely did not steer us wrong when she recommended the to infused pre-roll from the Seattle dispensary. The place had other flavors like the same blunt. Jack told me that they had grape, strawberry, pineapple, tropical fruit, and something called mai tai. On the way back from our day of fishing expedition with the new boat, we stopped at the dispensary to pick up another one of the joints for later that evening. They tasted really good, but they were more expensive than most products on the shelf.
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