My first day in Las Vegas

The first time I went to Vegas was for a work thing – a convention and product expo to promote the newest wave of technology in the industry, then i was eager to volunteer for the trip, and was surprised no a single was interested, and the other men in the office were all a bit older, and had no interest in traveling.

I was stoked about it, because I got to fly across the country, stay in a nice hotel, and experience legal gambling, and the office was going to pay for it all.

Well, they weren’t paying for the gambling, but they covered everything else. I didn’t gamble as much as I thought I would, because Las Vegas has so much other amazing stuff to offer; Besides, I lost 3 hundred bucks on blackjack our first evening, so I l earned the drastic lesson that in Las Vegas the home always wins! From the casino I walked around the block to find a single of the several excellent cannabis dispensaries Las Vegas has to offer. A couple grams of top-tier marijuana made me forget all about our poor luck in the casino. The rest of our first evening in Vegas was spent simply walking around, taking it all in. There is a garish majesty to the town of Las Vegas, and I have to say that the buzz I had from cannabis made the neon look so much brighter. I did manage to attend most of the work functions I needed to, but most of the weekend was spent prowling Las Vegas and having a grand time.

Recreational Dispensary Las Vegas Nevada