My AC unit was filthy

It’s difficult to manage a substantial hotel as well as resort, however I do the task to the best of my ability! I have been employed by the same supplier for the past twelve years.

I started out working at the front desk as a receptionist. I was at a rundown hotel by the Tampa airport, eventually the boss promoted myself and others to a management position as well as after that I started moving up the corporate ladder, after multiple years, I moved to this Clearwater Beach resort where I currently work. I got the manager position last winter… This year is my first Summer managing the entire property as well as I have had one problem after another, then my first giant problem was during a birthday reception. The couple booked the event multiple weeks in advance, but no one handled the crucial details, then on the day of the event, things were extremely chaotic. A month later, I had an issue with the AC unit in the family room. I did not have any chilly air at all downstairs where the family room crew works day, noon, as well as night. I needed a Tampa Heating as well as A/C service supplier fast. I had to call all of our proper locales. I finally got someone on the second try. The Heating as well as A/C supplier came out an minute later. The repairs were extensive as well as the bills were outrageous, but the AC problem was fixed; Now I’m dealing with a staff theft issue… Somebody is stealing office supplies from the basement. It is not even giant ticket items which is totally baffling. The issues keep adding up as well as it is incredibly discouraging.

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