Music and marijauna in Seattle

I moved to Seattle ten years ago to try and break into the music scene.

Although the days of Grunge are a long time gone, there is still a vibrant and powerful music scene here, one where a lot of great acts have gotten their start.

If you are a band and can make it in Seattle, then you have a chance of making it to the big time. Long story short, my band never made it, and so I had to find a different line of work. I am still staying close to the pulse of the Seattle music scene, however, by opening up a small performance venue in the back of my cannabis dispensary. So many bands play in bars, why not have them play in a cannabis dispensary instead and let people hang out and smoke. In terms of culture, weed and music are two of Seattle’s greatest gifts to the world. Our music and our weed products are enjoyed around the entire world, so my idea was to marry the two in a business. Although a lot of people think that the entire Seattle music scene is grunge, rock, or rap, there are dozens of up and coming bands in every genre that come to Seattle to try and make it big. My venue could easily book two bands a night every night of the week, but I am starting small with a few shows to see how it works. Although cannabis laws are very lax in Seattle, there are still a lot of rules and regulations we have to follow.

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