Moving to Florida and loving it

My whole family lived up north where experiencing negative twenty conditions during the winter wasn’t shocking.

We actually lived in an area that gets colder than Iceland.

Isn’t that horrible? Why did nobody move? I feel it honestly never occurred to my family. My brother started the big migration of my family. He was the first to pack up and move to Florida. He landed in St. Petersburg and was happy as a clam there. Then my older brother decided to join him. Then I left, then my parents. Now there is just the oldest generation hanging on in the north. Sadly they are in their 80s and not long for the world. The rest of us are Florida happy and staying here forever. I love that we no longer deal with snow. I hated brushing snow off my car, chipping ice, and operating a snow blower. In Florida the opposite is our problem. The heat is so intense that we need to prepare for it. I only do yard work during the winter season. The rest of the time I am holed up in my house and using the air conditioner. The heat gets into the 90s without a hitch. The humidity also makes it feel over 100 degrees. Isn’t that awful? A good cooling system is something that every St. Petersburg residents need to have. A heating system is necessary, but not very often. There are a few colder nights in the winter. Honestly I feel I could get by with a space heater. That would look ugly and be a huge eyesore. So I just bought a central HVAC unit and only use AC most of the time.

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