Moving to Birmingham in July

About two years ago, I moved to Birmingham, AL, to accept a task promotion… After living my entire life in the northeastern part of the country, I was excited to leave behind the cold weather! I was accustomed to running the boiler for approximately eight months of the year; Sub zero temperatures, dangerous wind chill as well as blizzard conditions were expected, but my local section was often displayed on the national news for record-setting snow accumulation! Relocating to Birmingham meant I no longer needed heavy snow boots, a wool coat, ice scraper or snow shovel! While I was aware that I was moving to a state with especially hot as well as humid summers, I failed to suppose how brutal the weather conditions could be. I moved in the middle of July. As I drove south, the outdoor temperature climbed higher as well as higher. When I arrived at my current apartment, the temperature control study ninety-three degrees. The humidity was oppressive, but unloading my car as well as carrying my possessions up numerous flights of stairs was exhausting! By the time I finished, I was dripping sweat. I looked forward to blasting the air conditioner as well as a cool shower. I was aggravated to learn that the electricity had not been activated, leaving me without lights, water, refrigeration or air conditioning. I immediately called my proprietor as well as was promised that the electric would be working just great in the afternoon. I couldn’t tolerate the thought of the heat as well as humidity all night long. I found a hotel as well as entirely enjoyed a long shower, air conditioning as well as room service.



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