Mother in law always vacations at our house

My mother in law has always been a problem. She constantly calls my husband and requires him to cater to her. She is so needy and demanding of his time. She also doesn’t have a ton of money but likes to vacation. It makes for a cheap trip if she comes to our house. She only needs to pay for her flight and then everything is taken care of. My husband picks her up at the airport, she stays with us for free and gets meals catered to her. I cook, celan and my husband organizes activities for her. Since the trip is so cheap and done well, she wants to come all the time. I told my husband she is a once a year guest. Once she arrives it is nearly impossible to get her out of the house. When we lived in Florida my mother in law would stay a minimum of a week. There was one trip where she squatted at our house for two weeks. Now that we live in Lowell, MI, she isn’t as eager to stay. I also try to make it so her trip is in the middle of winter. When she starts talking about summer traveling, I push my husband to organize a holiday season trip. I want her to get weather in the 30s rather than pleasant, sunny days. I also try to make the experience not super great. I don’t take her to the great shops, cute restaurants or local cannabis dispensaries. Instead she gets stuck in our freezing cold house and leaves after like three days. It is evil but I really don’t like that woman.


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