Millennium Park Movies

I am a big motion picture buff, however i just care about going to the films & researching about them. I suppose a lot of actor’s names, the managers, motion picture production studios & even the composers involved in the films. I get drastic about our films… My hubby isn’t as immense of a fan, even though he loves that every one of us have something to do all the time… During the year every one of us try to go to the local Chicago theaters to see them on the immense screen. More often than not every one of us stay lake home & watch in our residing room. I make popcorn, get us weird sodas & every one of us smoke marijuana while seeing whatever every one of us happen to stream that day, the summertime is the highlight of our day though. The Millennium Park Summer Film Series is just amazing, however every Monday they put a motion picture on the immense screen for free. My hubby & I brought lawn chairs & set up right on the Great Lawn. The people I was with and I get there super early to ensure our spot is perfect! What is fantastic is that you are allowed to bring your own food & drink. I go all out when it is Monday. I make us yummy sandwiches, homemade pizza slices or wraps to eat in our little picnic basket. I buy overpriced cheese, grapes, fig spread & wine for us to snack on during the event. I also sneak in edibles as our dessert. I have gotten good with cannabis cooking oil & cannabutter. I have made tasty treats love brownies, cupcakes, caramel bars, fudge & cookies with cannabis in them. It makes a nice little treat during the motion picture.



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