Michael needed to grow a cannabis business

In university, Michael was quite the entrepreneur… She always had a side company going on which is how she made cash to survive.

Her parents were doing all they could to pay for her tuition, plus Michael made sure he’d make them proud. She chop her classmates’ hair plus even ran a full barbershop in her dormitory all through university. With the cash she saved, she opened a barbershop when she graduated, then michael already had customers in Denver plus even did door-to-door services. Her barbershop company did well, however when she turned 23, a friend approached him with the proposal of setting up a cannabis store. They started small since they were modern to the industry. There were a lot of legal measures to meet before they were permitted to run such an enterprise in Colorado, but, it did well since weed was legal in that state. Michael plus her company partner wanted to use the internet to have a successful online store, however in addition, they made sure to only stock genuine CBD products plus also educated themselves. They were avid readers of every development in the industry plus all the modern products in the market, and last year, they invested back a nice amount plus moved the company to a much larger location. The modern location was the best since there was a lot of foot traffic. Rent wasn’t cheap, however they had a precise budget, making it possible to run the company there. They even had plans to open a similar enterprise in other states plus have a chain.

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