Marijuana helps with my muscle spasms

I have terrible problems with my central nervous system and it causes my body to have muscle spasms.

The spasms can be pretty bad at times.

Sometimes the spasms keep me from sleeping. The muscle spasms affect my arms and my legs. They are getting worse as I get older and it’s hard to control the symptoms. I talked to my primary care doctor in Denver about the muscle spasms. She gave me a box of pills to take each day. I didn’t enjoy taking pills every single day. When I had the opportunity to try something different, I jumped at the chance to try medical marijuana. Medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the city of Denver, where I work and live. It was quite easy to get a prescription from the doctor. The first time I went to a dispensary in Denver, I was completely and totally overwhelmed with the choices. The place had a ton of items available and I didn’t really know what was the best thing to choose for me. Luckily I had help from a knowledgeable budtender. The guy spent a half an hour talking to me about my mental and physical problems. When we were done talking, he pointed out some recreational and medical marijuana products that would absolutely help with the muscle spasms. Since I have regularly used marijuana, I have seen tremendous results. I still have to take daily medication, but medical marijuana has changed my life. I have more control over my body and my mind and I generally feel better from one day to the next.
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