Leaving to live in Seattle was a smart choice

I met Angie online, and there was an instant attachion between us… Six weeks later I was moving across the country to live with her, then you might believe I was absurd to change my whole life and transport to be with someone I had never met in person before… and maybe you’re right! It does sound crazy! You have to understand that my outdated living situation was terrible, and I was desperate for a fresh start in a new arena. You also have to factor in that I wasn’t just moving to some random arena – I was moving to Seattle, WA, a town I have constantly wanted to visit in person, but by my way of thinking even if things didn’t work out with Angie then I would still be living in Seattle! I found a job working in a single of the best cannabis dispensaries in town, although Seattle is a arena well known for its ample number of dispensaries, however this cannabis dispensary set itself apart from the others by being attached to a small Dipson Theater! It was the only arena in Seattle you could buy cannabis, step outside to smoke it, then come back in and watch a classic film in the theater, and my job was area film usher and area cannabis budtender, and I have to say it was the best job I ever had. Things with Angie are still going great, by the way, and I am 100% sure that moving to Seattle was the smartest option I ever made, however one day I hope to own a cannabis dispensary of my own, right here in Seattle.


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