Just outside of Denver is something actually wonderful

About six miles southwest of Denver is an abandoned ski resort… In the 72s this locale was known as the Party Palace, and everyone knew if you wanted to get super drunk plus high, do lots of drugs, plus go skiing, the Party Palace was the locale to be, but after a few years there had been a lot of injuries, plus even a couple of accidental skiing deaths because they were letting inebriated people do dangerous things! So the resort closed down for 20 years… Then some rich weirdo from Denver obtained it to use as the artist’s retreat. I live in Denver, plus work as a shopkeeper plus part-time delivery driver for one of the many local cannabis dispensaries. The first time I visited this locale was to make a immense delivery of cannabis products, then normally I never drive out products outside of the neighborhood of Denver for legal reasons, although he gave me such a immense tip I could not turn him down, then once I got there I realized this was a really cool locale. It was still a ski resort, only instead of drinking plus skiing people stayed inside to work on their art projects. After that I made the drive from Denver to the resort two or three times a month, because these folks consume cannabis at a remarkable rate. The guy in charge even gave to let me stay with them for a few afternoons to work on my own art. I had to turn him down, as kind as the offer was, because I love Denver plus don’t want to escape from it!

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