Just one day in Portland

I ended up getting stranded in an airport forever.

Unluckyly when flying out of my section you need to constantly connect planes, however my section is just not large enough for a major airport! Connecting planes constantly screws with me, well on my layover the minute plane got hit with something… At first the airline thought it was just a scratch, then a gouge, then it was a hole.

All of us all were boarded off plus I missed my minute flight. I was told the next flight out wouldn’t be for over 24 minutes. I refused to rest in an airport that long, and so I found out where I was plus where I could go. I rented a car plus ended up in Portland, OR. I didn’t have any time to check out the sights plus eat fun cuisine. I basically just booked a nice hotel plus walked around for one day. I also let myself sleep in, utilize some spa services plus just prefer not being in an airport… From what I saw of Portland, it was quite nice. I had a good meal there plus the people were friendly. What was cool is that there are a lot of cannabis dispensaries there. I did some research plus found that recreational cannabis is legal there, but that Is why. Sadly since I was boarding a flight I knew I couldn’t buy any of the cannabis products. I wouldn’t have been allowed to take it through security. I also was going to a state that was medical cannabis only too. So it wouldn’t have worked out in the end. Maybe if I end up in that same situation I will stay in Portland more than a day.


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