Jack was prepared for the evening of ballet and orchestra music

My friend Jack and I are dating two sister’s.

Jack met his girlfriend and her sister and he set me up with her.

We’ve been dating for about six months and Jack and Nancy have been together for a year. The four of us planned a weekend together in San Francisco. I was excited to see the bridge and Alcatraz island. I wanted to check out the trolley car and ride around town. My girlfriend wanted to go to the ballet and hear the orchestra. We agreed to several different activities so everyone was happy. When it was time for Jack and I to attend the ballet, he surprised me with edibles from a San Francisco recreational marijuana dispensary. My friend is always one for crazy surprises. It’s one of the reasons why he is so much fun. Jack and Nancy had been out earlier that day and Jack decided to go to a San Francisco recreational marijuana dispensary to pick up some edibles. Each of us consumed three 10 mg THC gummy bears. Each one of the gummy bears tasted different. There were several different flavors in the bag. I had grape, lemon, and orange candies. The flavors were tasty and I didn’t get a hint of cannabis. By the time the ballet began, I was feeling very relaxed and calm. When the music started, I felt the energy in the room. I had a lot more fun at the ballet than I expected and I think recreational marijuana was the reason why. Jack seemed to have fun too. The whole weekend was a huge success.

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