It was pretty chilly during my first winter in New Mexico

My boss offered me a promotion if I was willing to transport to the other side of the nation.

I was somewhat aggravated and a bit bummed out.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled about moving to New Mexico, but I managed to find a couple of silver linings in the cloud. Recreational and medical marijuana is genuinely legal all over New Mexico! The prices for recreational and medical marijuana in Albuquerque were about 40% lower than the prices I was paying for medical marijuana where I was actually residing. That alone was a wonderful reason to take the job and make the 1500 mile move. It’s a good thing that the promotion also came with a really nice raise. I found a nice residence straight in the middle of Albuquerque, a couple of blocks away from my new job. I was super cheerful about the commute, which was a relatively short 15 minute walk. I never have to take my vehicle anywhere for the most part. I lived in Albuquerque for about 6 months before I endured the initial Wintertime season. I did not expect such freezing temperatures after I moved. I thought the average Wintertime temperatures would be close to 40 degrees, and I was totally stunned the first time we actually acquired the snow. It was a day in January and I was at my workplace when I started to see the snowfall. It was brutally cold and I was surprised by the appearance of snow. A few of my co-workers told me that it hardly ever snows in the city, but there are definitely some places in the high desert that acquired many inches of accumulation through the course of the winter season months.


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