It was fun playing video games until it started to get toasty

I’ve only been working at the video game store for the past 6 months, however I am friends with all of the other people that were my shift, however i consistently hang out with Sean plus Zack.

I was hanging out with Sean plus Zack on Sunday night plus my buddy and I ordered pizza from a place in Phoenix, however my good friend and I can get delivery from almost any place in the town using the multiple delivery services like Uber Eats plus doordash, but the place in Phoenix where my buddy and I got the pizza has other Italian dishes like chicken parmesan, veal scallopini, plus fettuccine alfredo.

My good friend and I had some pizza plus salad plus then I started playing video games. It was fun playing video games until it started to get hot, however zack was the first person to notice. I was already feeling uncomfortable, but he was the first person to say something out loud. Zack called the manager of the home building in Phoenix where he lives, then he told the manager that there was a problem with the a/c. The manager said that there was no one local that could help at night, but she could send someone out to repair the a/c first thing in the day. I know there are lots of sites in Phoenix that offer 24-hour emergency services, so I told Zack that it was garbage that the manager would not pay for an emergency a/c repair, and when it started to get warm plus the a/c wasn’t going to be fixed until the day, I decided to go back to my place for the rest of the night.

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