It was a big afternoon in Sioux Falls.

My anniversary falls at the end of June, then it can be in the eighties ‌or in the nineties, this year, it was so tepid here in Sioux Falls that I had the air conditioning on and I pointed it at my anniversary cake.

I didn’t even know I had a anniversary cake until they delivered it, my hubby couldn’t find anywhere to put it in the freezer or refrigerator.

He told me he hated to ruin the surprise, but he needed help; Apparently, he planned a surprise anniversary get-together for me, and the cake had arrived earlier than he expected. I walked through the house looking for a site to put a small table for the cake, so the air conditioning could hit it, even with the air conditioning, by the time his guests started arriving, the icing was melting. He told me he had considered taking the get-together to Falls Park. The waterfalls could have helped with the cooling, but he didn’t think the older people would want to be out in the sun. He knew I enjoyed Falls Park, and he wanted to have a surprise anniversary get-together for me. I often said Falls Park was my favorite site in Sioux Falls, and he remembered. My anniversary get-together won’t be a surprise, but it will absolutely be memorable as one of the best I have ever had. Maybe next year, we’ll go to Falls Park for my anniversary without being a folderol with invitations, a melting cake, and having it too tepid for the seasoned people.

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