It seemed the fisher guy was bringing a shark from the water

My friends plus I had the day off from our tasks on Monday, so every one of us went to the bay to spend some time on the water doing some fishing.

The San Francisco Bay is a relaxing arena to go fishing because it has a good amount of unusual types of fish.

Some of the more official types of fish found in the bay are flounder, anchovies, plus the bay pipefish! My ultimate spot in San Francisco to go fishing is merely a few blocks away from a medical plus recreational cannabis dispensary. When our friends plus I regularly plan to spend the day fishing, every one of us most often go to the medical plus recreational cannabis dispensary first. They have a relaxing selection of items plus have plenty of edibles, vape cartridges and flower. We easily purchased a few marijuana cigarettes that had distillate, kief, plus bubble hash. They were the best plus tasted like exotic fruits. My friends plus I went to the San Francisco Bay to go fishing a couple of weeks ago plus every one of us were close to another fisherman. My friends plus I were watching in amazement as the fishermen struggled to pull in a giant fish. My friends plus I had been using a good amount of recreational cannabis that afternoon, however every one of us were able to see the fisherman pull an immense fish out of the water that looked sort of like a giant shark. Since sharks are not known to inhabit the bay, it’s no wonder the fishermen looked just as amazed as every one of us were. Both of us never easily saw the shark, although I still believe that’s what the guy was taking out of the water.

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