It rains so much in Seattle that it's depressing me

I’ve been using cannabis edibles for the past 3 months

I never wanted to move to Seattle, but my husband convinced me that it was the best idea for our family. He got a raise and a promotion when we moved and that meant I could stay home and be with the kids. That was fun for a couple of years, but now all of the children are in school and I have to sit at home alone feeling depressed. Every time I mention going to work, my husband gets upset and sighs. It wouldn’t be difficult to stay at home if it wasn’t for the rain. It rains almost every single day of the week and the sun rarely shines. It is absolutely depressing. The last time I went to the doctor, I told her that I was feeling particularly depressed. She told me to try using cannabis products to elevate my mood. At first I thought she was joking, but she was serious. Seattle is one of the places where cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use. Washington passed the law several years ago after my husband and I moved to the state. I never thought cannabis would be a useful tool to help with depression, but I was willing to try anything if it helped. I went to a cannabis dispensary in Seattle and the budtender helped me pick out some discreet cannabis supplies. Since the state of Washington has legal recreational marijuana, there are a lot of items available for purchase in the dispensary. I’ve been using cannabis edibles for the past 3 months. Last week my husband noticed my increased happiness and good mood. I guess cannabis must be working.

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