In order to grow cannabis in Michigan, you have to have a license

I’ve always had a bit of a green thumb.

My mom had plants and vegetables in a garden outside of our home. When I was little, I helped my mom tend to all of her flowers, plants, and fruit trees. I was a little bit older, I joined a 4-H group and I learned even more about gardening and horticulture. When marijuana was legalized for recreational and medical use in Michigan in November of 2018, my first thought was trying to grow a plant. I went to a dispensary in Grand Rapids, which is about 45 minutes away from my home in Lowell. There weren’t any dispensaries in Lowell when the laws were passed, but now it’s easy to get marijuana. There are a number of dispensaries as well as a couple of delivery services. I didn’t really have any luck getting plants from the dispensary, because consumers needed a special license in order to grow cannabis. I did not know that at the time, so I looked into the laws regarding cannabis. Since you have to have a license in Michigan to grow cannabis, I decided it was better just to get my products from the dispensary like everyone else. I still think that I will eventually move somewhere where I can grow cannabis legally. It won’t be anytime soon. I plan to stay in Lowell, Michigan to be with my mom. She can no longer take care of the house, farm, or any of the animals. She can barely take care of herself these days and I want to be there to help.


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