I’m ecstatic that we stopped in Albuquerque for cannabis while driving to CO

My friends and I started to idea a cross country road trip once we were all vaccinated.

It was a trip that was put off for multiple years while we all dealt with various struggles in life.

When it seemed like the multiple of us could all go while I was in July this past summer, we started to make arrangements for a rental SUV that we’d use for the long road trip. It was simple since we all contributed to the overall costs, making it a fairly affordable vacation. The other way we managed to save a tremendous amount of money was through boondocking in campgrounds at state and national parks along the way. If you’re not stopping and spending upwards to $200 a evening or more for a single room, that money can be spent elsewhere. Both of us were all interested in heading to CO to like the recreational cannabis that is sold within their borders. But we wanted to stop in NM to try their cannabis. Although recreational cannabis is going to be available in NM after 2022, at the time I used my medical cannabis card from out of state at a dispensary in Albuquerque while we briefly stayed on the outskirts of the city. Both of us decided to camp in Cibola National Forest and enjoyed the foothills of the Sandia Mountains with quality cannabis bought at a dispensary in Loma Del Rey. This million-plus acre forest stretches throughout NM, Texas, and Oklahoma. In Albuquerque, the Cibola National Forest includes the Sandia Mountains and their several foothills. At first we were eager to get to CO, however staying in Albuquerque had us wanting to stay in NM for the foreseeable future!

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