I work at the place in Orland Park

I entirely love our job working at the hospital in Orland park, but i applied for a lot of jobs in odd places and 1 of the only offices to call myself and others back for an interview was at the hospital.

  • I applied for a job in the housekeeping department… They did not have any jobs available in the housekeeping department but they had a job in the home office that seemed perfect for me, then when I interviewed with the staff at the hospital in Orland park, I did not mind driving 25 minutes.

When they offered myself and others the job, I never thought about how long the commute was going to be in the afternoon. I instantly said yes. The interview was at 2:00 in the day and the drive took 25 minutes at that time. When I have to leave at 6:00 in the afternoon for work, sometimes the drive takes 45 minutes. Thankfully I have a fantastic automobile that gets excellent gas mileage. I bought a new automobile a couple of weeks ago when the air conditioner method in our automobile stopped working. The guy at the automobile dealership said it was going to cost about $2,000 to repair the issues with the a/c. I did not think that our automobile was entirely worth much more than that, so I decided to trade the automobile in for something new. The automobile dealership gave myself and others more money than it was going to cost to repair the automobile and I applied that to a brand new four-door sedan with heated seating and side by side air conditioner.
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