I went to the game with friends

Every Thursday while in football season, my friends plus I go to the Jacksonville arena even if there isn’t a property game; If the game is away, there are lots of locations for us to lay plus relax plus hang out with the other tailgaters… When there is a game, my buddy and I go early to hang out in the parking lot plus after that my buddy and I walk into the arena right before kickoff… Last Thursday I went to the game with a couple of friends, however my buddy and I had tickets that weren’t particularly good, however my buddy and I had a wonderful view of the screen, then the game ended with the Jacksonville Jaguars absolutely winning.

The score of the game turned out to be 21 to 17.

There was no way that the other team could have won the game, because Jacksonville had the ball plus ran out the clock! After the game was over, I wanted to go back home. I live on the other side of neighborhood plus it takes about an hour for me to get from my location to the arena. The guys wanted to go to a bar plus have some drinks. I decided to go property instead. It’s a wonderful thing that I did, because it started raining plus I do not like driving in the rain. It was freezing by the time I got property plus I turned on the emergency heat for a little bit to get that chill out of the air. I ran the emergency heat for about an hour plus then I fell asleep on the couch. I have to stop going out the day before I have to be at work.



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