I was worried about how high up we were

My Dad does not adore the fact that I use recreational marijuana, but it is legal in CA plus straight-forward to access… Recreational plus medical marijuana help myself and others relax when I am having a panic attack.

I was prescribed medical marijuana long before it was legalized for recreational use. It is much easier to obtain now plus a lot cheaper, thanks to all of the millennials who want to use it to get high. My Dad plus I had to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge so both of us could drive from San Francisco to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was a morning when the winds were extremely high. It was cloudy outside as well plus the perfect morning for whale watching. That’s why my Dad plus I were headed over to the Golden Gate National recreation section in the first venue. When I realized I was going to drive over the bridge in the wind, I decided to pull over on the side of the road so I could smoke a joint of recreational marijuana first, however driving over the bridge was way too frightening. To get high first. I actually felt a lot more calm plus relaxed after I smoked a marijuana joint. My Dad was no longer calm plus relaxed, because she thought I was intoxicated. Thankfully, she calmed down once she realized that I was perfectly nice to drive. perfectly nice to drive. I was more calm plus I did not have a panic attack behind the wheel. The bridge trip felt adore minutes, but both of us were safely on the other side in a short amount of time.

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