I was surprised to experience such frosty temperatures when I moved

My boss offered me a promotion if I would be alright with transferring to the other side of the country… I was a little upset and a bit bummed out.

  • I wasn’t actually glad about moving to New Mexico, but I found a couple of silver linings in the cloud! Recreational and medical marijuana is 100% legal all over New Mexico! The prices for recreational and medical marijuana in Albuquerque were approximately 40% lower than the prices I was paying for medical marijuana where I was actually living.

That alone was a wonderful reason to take the job and make the 1500 mile move. Fortunately, the promotion also came with a hefty raise. I found a nice apartment right in the midst of Albuquerque, a couple of blocks away from my new job. I was blissful about the commute, which was a short 15 minute walk. I never have to take my vehicle anywhere in these parts. I was living in Albuquerque for approximately 6 weeks before I endured the first Winter season. I did not expect such frosty temperatures after I moved. I thought the average Winter temperatures would be close to 40 degrees, and I was severely shocked the first time we got snow. It was a day in December and I was at work when I started to see the snowfall. It was severely freezing and I was quite stunned by the appearance of snow! A few of my co-workers told me that it rarely snows in the city, but there are some places in the high desert that gained several inches of accumulation throughout the Winter months.



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