I was rested and relaxed after visiting San Francisco

We rarely head down to the bay, but it was a relaxing idea

I’ve been working super long and deranged hours at work. I honestly have not had an entire weekend off with my spouse for the longest time. I was feeling too stressed at my job and I nearly had a meltdown when my breakfast order was butchered. I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on sourdough and I got a sausage biscuit. I took it out on the delivery boy who was still passing out orders in the office. It wasn’t the poor kid’s fault that this happened, but he was the unfortunate person that had to deal with my yelling. That’s when the company director told me to go see a mental health professional. It wasn’t a kind suggestion, even though the person was trying to be as nice as he could manage. I went to see a therapist the next afternoon instead of going to work. The man suggested I needed to take a few afternoons off from my job to unwind and relax. It seemed pretty much like a great idea but I had meetings arranged all afternoon on Monday and a dinner on Sunday afternoon with a few buyers from overseas. The therapist stated there would never be a superb time to take a couple of afternoons off, but he urged me to make the decision. He consistently told me to try cannabis on my weekend off. Cannabis is legal in CA, and San Francisco has a fairly large amount of cannabis shops. My spouse and I made the choice to go to San Francisco for the weekend. We rarely head down to the bay, but it was a relaxing idea. We bought a cannabis cigarette from a shop by our bed and breakfast. I smoked the whole amount of the cannabis cigarette. I felt so at ease and revived after the weekend away.



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