I was funding by an Ann Arbor cannabis dispensary

Michigan is Bigfoot Country, did you know that? Our beloved state has racked up more that eleven hundred Bigfoot sightings over the years, and ranks in the top five states for all-time reports on the legendary monster. I’m not saying Bigfoot is real, but there is something in the woods that has been scaring people for a hundred years or more! This is what inspired me to want to make horror movies, because it feels like these deep, foreboding forests lend themselves to scary stories. Now I am attempting to live my dream, and make the first horror movie set and filmed in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I didn’t need a lot of money because this would be a “fake documentary” style of found footage horror movie, so I went to a few Ann Arbor cannabis dispensaries for financial backing. You see, because marijuana smokers talk a lot, and spend a lot of time in the woods around Ann Arbor, they are a prime source of stories about Bigfoot. Nine times out of ten, if someone around Ann Arbor says they had a Bigfoot sighting, that person was stoned to the gills at the time. What can I say, we love our cannabis here in Ann Arbor! Because of the pothead mythology involved, it was very easy to get a small amount of financing from the cannabis dispensaries. I promised them that when the film was done we could set up the world premiere screening in one of the Ann Arbor cannabis dispensaries. I will tell you about how it turns out in my next blog post!


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