I wanted to visit the zoo, but it was way too cold that day

My family and I live in the city of Boulder, Colorado. We are about an hour outside of Denver. We can enjoy all of the activities in the city, but we don’t have to deal with the traffic and tourists every day. My family and I often go to Denver so we can visit the zoo. The Denver Zoo is one of our favorite attractions in the city, so each year we get a season pass that includes all of the exhibits, extras, and parking. My sister and her family came to visit a couple of months ago and I wanted all of us to go to the zoo. I was excited to show everyone our favorite places inside the 80-acre park. My favorite place inside of the zoo is the Predator range. It recently had renovations and now there is a very large pool and habitat for African penguins. The pool has underwater viewing. This area is also my daughter’s favorite place inside of the zoo. When my sister and her family came to visit, we planned to spend the day in Denver at the zoo. Unfortunately, it was far too cold that day. We had a rare chilly fall day during October, and we had to change our plans. We decided to stay indoors where the air temperatures were warmer and more comfortable. Instead of going to the zoo, we spent our day in Denver at the aquarium. The aquarium was moderately warm and climate controlled in all areas. We still had a great time showing my family the city.


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