I want them to legalize cannabis

I’m cheerful to see that the resistance against the legalization of cannabis is starting to lose steam.

When I was a kid, all of us were heavily brainwashed into believing that marijuana was a dangerous gateway drug.

There were only 2 or more than two states with medical marijuana at the time, and it wasn’t something I even knew about until I was much older. My parents were progressive and tried to provide myself and others a balanced education on the danger of drugs, putting a heavy emphasis on the risks friendd with drinking alcohol. I have a number of alcoholics on both sides of our family, so it makes plenty of sense to myself and others that they would fear myself and others becoming a drunk. I l gained in university at the University of New Mexico that alcohol is the tploy gateway drug. Most of the students I knew who smoked weed all had alcohol first at 1 point or another during a family gathering. It makes you wonder if they would have any interest in intoxicants at all if they hadn’t been desensitized towards liquor. I still live in Albuquerque, this time in an house near Tingley Field. My purchases at the recreational cannabis stores involve both state and town taxes. If I opt to become a medical marijuana patient in New Mexico, our tax bill at the dispensary is much lower. Right now it’s over 12% for all recreational cannabis customers. Some states have higher cannabis taxes, while a few of the 1s with only medical marijuana programs do not collect taxes from patients. In New Mexico, these taxes are instrumental in helping the education system.

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