I visited the Phoenix Zoo

I labor for a theming construction supplier who are famous for creating the natural looking environments for the zoos across the country, it is a cool locale to labor because I get to hear about all the current exhibits at the zoos before they are released to the public; Also, I have a opportunity to visit the zoos after the projects are completed.

Which I must confess is a cool perk for laboring for our supplier, but both of us were awarded a contract for some upgrades to the African and Desert Lives Trail inside the zoo. I enjoyed laboring on the project and seeing the creatures made it so much more satisfying. I went to Phoenix while I was in the Summer, and I was not prepared for the heat. I knew it would be hot because it is in the desert, but it was more than I could have imagined! Thankfully, our rental for the week had wonderful , so as long as I was indoors, I was fine. However, when I visited the zoo, there wasn’t much I could do to beat the heat, there were really little air conditioned spaces, and I was distraught about the creatures and how they stayed cool in the blistering temperature. Because I worked on the exhibit, I was granted an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the zoo. The guide explained that the creatures stayed cool by kneeling in pools of water all day. Also, she explained that there are some air conditioned spaces that a few of the creatures have access to. That made me know better because staying cool in the Phoenix heat is essential for their survival.

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