I try to stay out of arguments

Hardly any of months ago, I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to take care of my mom; She wasn’t well & my brother was getting married! He was unable to care for my mom. He was handling all of the responsibilities because he lives in Albuquerque, and i was residing on the East Coast when I found out that I needed to move. It took more than 2 months to box up my house, furniture, clothing, & personal items. I drove everything to Albuquerque. It took various afternoons to drive all of my belongings across the country. I had to find a job quickly, although I needed something that afforded myself and others flexibility. I thought it sounded care about a lot of fun to work at a cannabis shop. I applied for a job as a security officer, and the corporation supervisor called myself and others for an interview that morning after I turned in my application. Hardly any of afternoons later I was hired to work at the front desk. I absolutely love toiling at the Albuquerque, New Mexico dispensary, but there are times when I have to be serious, and a customer came to the cannabis shop Last yearand the guy tried to steal cannabis concentrate from the refrigerator. I clearly saw the guy I put items into his pocket, then when I stopped him & asked him to empty his pockets, he tried to invoke his lawful rights against search & seizure. I wasn’t about to argue with the customer, so I made the guy leave instantly & he was banned from the store.
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