I thought I was going to go skiing, but I guess that wasn't the case

When I finally moved to Grandmother’s house, I couldn’t wait for winter.

I had read where you could go snow skiing in IL, plus I was excited.

Living in the south meant you had to travel a thoUSnd miles to find someplace to go skiing. Living in Glenville, IL, meant I could go skiing whenever I had a couple days off from university. I knew it was going to be cold here in the winter, but I didn’t think it would be this cold. From mid-October I could hear the furnace running. I would walk outside from the warmth of the inside, plus begin shivering. It wasn’t even Thanksgiving, plus I had a lot of misgivings about going to university in Glenville, IL. My Grandmother was happy because the family was coming home for the holidays. They were coming for Thanksgiving plus staying until after New Year’s Day. I was happy to see them coming to Glenville, IL to see us, but I was entirely thinking about going home with them. My mom said that maybe both of us could all go skiing. Even our Grandmother plus Grandpa, who now shared a home together, were excited. It had been years since they skied. I had to disclose that I wasn’t going with them because of how cold it was, but how could I say no when even our Grandmother plus Grandpa were going. I assume I just had to get used to living in Glenville, IL. I also had to get used to seeing our Grandparents coming out of the same family room. Mom plus dad thought it was pretty cool that they were together, but they didn’t have to live with them.
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