I thought I did the right thing

Every time my friends plus I decide to go skiing, every one of us pack lots of chips plus recreational marijuana supplies; It takes about 2 hours to drive to the ski resorts from our lake house in downtown Portland, there are a lot of wonderful places to go skiing, however my friends plus I care about to drive all the way out to Mount Hood.

They have some of the best trails on the west coast plus they have a actually nice halfpipe for snowboarding. That day every one of us left to go skiing, the temperature in Portland was 40 degrees, however it was only 22 degrees at the ski resort. The temperatures absolutely change as the elevation rises. There are no dispensaries in the National Forest, so my friends plus I take enough recreational marijuana supplies plus chips for the entire weekend. There are places to buy chips plus drinks outside of Portland, however they are much more extravagant than the grocery store! When every one of us stopped at the dispensary, I picked up a couple of odd pre-rolls… One was an indica called papaya plus another was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. The sativa marijuana joint was one of my preferred strains called Super Lemon Haze. I smoked the whole thing on our way out of town. I consistently care about a salty snack after I use recreational marijuana. I thought I packed a couple of packs of crackers for the trip; My friends plus I left Portland plus I was ready for a snack by the time every one of us got off the interstate. I searched through the bag looking for the crackers, but I didn’t find anything except trail mix plus chocolate.


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