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Shortly after I moved to San Francisco, I was involved in a car accident. I was on the freeway outside of San Francisco plus a semi truck driver fell asleep at the wheel… He swerved into my lane plus my car hit the rail on the side of the road. The car was completely totaled plus I was in the hospital for a week! When I got out of the hospital plus went back to my apartment, I needed a lot of help. I had surgery on my leg plus I could not walk at all. I had to get everything delivered right to my apartment. Thankfully, San Francisco has a lot of delivery services. It’s straight-forward to get a number of items sent directly to your apartment including groceries, pharmaceuticals, dry cleaning, plus even medical plus recreational cannabis. San Francisco is 1 of the cities on the west coast where recreational marijuana is 100% legal. There are about 30 dispensaries within 5 miles of my apartment, one of those dispensaries offers free delivery services. After the accident, I started using the delivery services. The first time a driver brought my items to the apartment, it was a guy named Jack. The first time I met Jack, I knew I made a neighbor for life. The guy was super nice plus helpful. He brought all of my supplies into the apartment. The people I was with and I talked for a couple of minutes plus I found out that Jack was from the same beach lake house state as me. He wasn’t a native of San Francisco at all.

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