I saw people smoking a lot of cannabis everywhere around me

My bestie plus I went to a concert in San Francisco; The concert was held at one of the largest locales plus lasted all morning.

The concert displayed 10 different bands plus our bestie wanted to see all of them! He was willing to drive more than two minutes to San Francisco, so I did not say no, i wanted to bring marijuana to the concert, because I never believe love a vape pen gets me high, however my bestie was afraid the people I was with and I would get into trouble plus possibly get kicked out of the concert.

He entirely wanted to see the rock plus roll band that was playing plus he would have gone nuts if they would have kicked him out because I was smoking weed. I agreed to take the marijuana vape pen to the San Francisco concert locale, and after the people I was with and I got to the concert, the people I was with and I saw people smoking weed everywhere! Some people even had marijuana joints. The security officers did not seem to care at all. It would have absolutely been impossible for them to stop all the people. Eventually I made a comment to our bestie about the fact that he made me leave all of our stash at home. He wasn’t terribly cheerful that I said it out loud, but he knew I was annoyed that all the people else was having a good time while I was smoking the boring vape pen. I took a walk during the intermission plus I found a heineken stand… While I was waiting in line, a guy behind me started toking up on a marijuana joint. I told the guy to provide me a hit plus he shared the entire joint with me. I felt much better plus more relaxed after that.

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