I needed to go to the zoo

The average summer temperatures in Denver are around 85 degrees.

July is the hottest month, but the temperatures still reach higher than ninety or ninety-five degrees.

There are rarely days when the temperatures reach 100 degrees. It is extremely important to have a viable and reliable AC unit. My family and I have been living in Denver for the past 10 years. I graduated from college in Boulder and I have been living in Colorado ever since. I have a commute each morning to work and the travel time is about 45 minutes. During the afternoon commute home, the travel time can be even longer. Last Saturday I was on my way home after working a few hours that morning in the office. I was supposed to be at home with my family, but I decided to go to the office to finish some paperwork. On the way home, the AC in my car stopped working. There was no cold air coming out of the vents, even when I placed the machine on the highest setting. The drive home from Denver was extremely uncomfortable and warm. I tried to roll down my window, but the direct air in my face made it difficult to see. When I finally got home from the office, I told my wife that we had to cancel our plans for the afternoon. I needed to take the car to the dealership so they couldn’t figure out why the AC was not working properly. I didn’t want to drive to work on Monday morning without climate control in my vehicle.


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