I love Washington, it's so fun

I decided to take a year break from cannabis when I traveled abroad after undergraduate college.

Since I was living in a site that would lock you away in a horrible, single-room jail for having a joint, I didn’t see the point of taking the risk.

When I got back to the United States & shopped at a dispensary in Seattle, I got uncomfortably high for the first time in my life. My mind kept thinking back to how calm weed made myself and others think when I was younger, before I took that break when I studied abroad. I think I wasn’t used to cannabis flower products where the THC content is over 30% of the plant’s dry weight. My think is that a lot of the marijuana I was smoking in college was inferior to the legal cannabis found in dispensaries throughout the state of Washington, especially in Seattle. I made the mistake of trying a current cannabis concentrate for the first time before a planned trip to the Space Needle with my friends. I could think myself going weightless on the elevator going up & knew I was in for an uncomfortable experience. The Space Needle offers some of the most gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline, but I appreciate to enjoy the view when I’m not uncomfortably high from too much THC in my system. My friends thought it was funny that the cannabis was giving myself and others harsh vertigo. Since the vertigo was making myself and others nauseous, I wasn’t amused at all. I had to sleep off the dizziness when I got back to my apartment in Magnolia.


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