I love the Denver Broncos for life

Back in the day, John Elway was a football player for the Denver Broncos football team.

My dad was easily a huge team fan.

All of us didn’t have a great deal of money for many things while we were growing up, but my dad had every season ticket to see the Broncos. One year for our anniversary, our dad took myself and others to see a football game. It was a multiple hour drive to Denver, but all of us were excited nearly the whole way. It was a single of only a few times when all of us can remember quality time with our Pops. He was easily excited to tell all of us about the game as well as show off football heroes. I spent most of the day in Denver, even after the game was completed. We went to a steakhouse after the Broncos won the game which was a huge blowout. The Denver area Steakhouse was really nice and dad let us have beer for the very first time. The two of us don’t stop to think about that time very much at all when Dad took myself as well as others to the Denver game. It is easily one of the better memories that all of us have from this time in our childhood. We don’t often recognize taking children to the game because it is seriously chilly, and we would rather leave where there is warm air at home. All of us prefer to see the game, but it is much more comfortable at home with a gas furnace then in the cold Stadium. It doesn’t hurt that the beers are cheaper and so is the food as well.


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