I like the new job and the pay is great

Shortly after I moved to San Francisco, I got a job working at the mall.

The pay was decent, but I got a huge discount on all of my clothing and that was almost as good as a higher pay raise.

I worked at the mall clothing store for 5 years before they eventually went out of business. As customers started to order more and more items online, our sales began to dwindle. Eventually we had to get rid of employees and then managers and then there wasn’t anyone left except me. Since I was management at the time that the store closed, I received two months severance pay. That gave me a little bit of time to look for a new job. I found a lot of places hiring, but most of the jobs seemed boring and uninteresting. I did find an advertisement for a cannabis supply company that was hiring someone to work indoors as a budtender and consultant. The job sounded like something I could really enjoy. I turned in my resume to the online website and I didn’t hear anything for a week. I was starting to get frustrated and I was feeling deflated. 10 days after I placed my resume with the Cannabis supply company, I received a phone call for an interview. The San Francisco cannabis company was looking for someone to work in the retail store and I turned out to be a pretty good candidate. I found the job to be very interesting and I am still at the San Francisco cannabis shop. I have a longer commute then I would like, but there is never a boring or dull day on the job.


Pot San Fransisco CA