I like the aroma of lilac in the air

A couple of months ago, I had an indoor air quality check plus diagnostic appointment with the Orland Park Heating plus A/C business, during the indoor air quality check-in diagnostic appointment, the Orland Park Heating plus A/C repair contractor ran tests on my air for pollutants plus performed a routine maintenance repair on the HVAC; I told the Heating plus A/C repair contractor that my boyfriend smoked marijuana in the household plus I hated the way it aromaed.

I asked if an air filter would help, and the Orland Park Heating plus A/C repair contractor gave me a couple of fantastic ideas, but he proposed buying an air filter that was made for allergens plus smells.

The small porous section would trap most of the allergens plus dust plus the inner carbon fibers would trap the smells as well. The repair contractor also proposed putting a lavender or linen scented dryer sheet on the underside of the air filter. I truly did not know that you could put a dryer sheet on the air filter. The repair contractor showed me where to put it plus how to keep it stuff to the air filter. I went online to see if this guy was silly or not. I truly found out that there are air filters that are scented plus the aroma is supposed to last up to 2 weeks. I absolutely like the aroma of lavender in the air plus I am thinking about buying air filters that are scented from the factory, however my boyfriend thinks I am silly plus will tire of the aroma, but I absolutely don’t like the smell from pot. I believe I’ll provide these air filters a shot.


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