I like my job and the legal weed is a pretty nice perk

I needed a big change after my girlfriend and I broke up. I was heartbroken, surprised, and shocked when she sent me a breakup text. We were living together at the time. I came home to the apartment and all of her things were gone. She had clearly been planning the getaway for weeks. I needed to get out of the apartment after we broke up, so I packed up my things and went to see my mom and dad in Denver. I have been living here for a while. As soon as I arrived, I took a job working at a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. I delivered marijuana supplies throughout the entire winter. A lot of people tipped well due to the cold temperatures. Denver is known for cold winter temperatures and snow. Most people don’t leave their home when it is snowing and delivery calls are always higher when there is a storm. When the traffic in Denver is extremely busy, delivery times are delayed. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes or an hour, but none of the customers seem to mind. As long as they don’t have to venture out in the cold Denver weather, they don’t mind paying the delivery driver a small fee and a generous tip. I’m probably going to stay in Denver until the end of spring, and then I plan to go back home to my place in the country. I finally feel like I can go back home without falling apart. Alicia really broke my heart when she left with no warning.
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